Director of multidisciplinary sustainable food platform Honestly Green, presenting farmers' market Poho Market (2017-2018) and co-presenting with Swire Properties Tong Chong Street Market (2015- ), a food-focused street market.
Co-founder and director of Island East Markets - Hong Kong's largest urban farmers' market, with local organic produce, arts and crafts, food, 2012-2014.

Video and Film

Capsule48, Producer
Les Aventures d'Anthony, China, 2015 (pre-production, production, food styling, food consultant, subtitling)
All's Well Ends Well 2012, Hong Kong, 2012 (subtitling)
All's Well Ends Well 2011, Hong Kong, 2011 (subtitling)
The Jade and the Pearl, Hong Kong, 2010 (subtitling)
Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You, Hong Kong, 2009 (subtitling)


Sizzle and Fry Show (host), 2014